About us

We love good stuff. Like really good stuff. Mostly fermented food and stuff but other stuff too.

Come get some of the good stuff over here at Curl Curl, the beach with the funniest name.

The Curl Curl Kombucha company was born after a delightful suggestion from a workmate who said one day, “This is good stuff, you should bottle that”. Rightio,  I said and off I went. I’ve been delivering it to purveyors of fine goodness since September 2017.

It all started about 8 years ago, back in 2009 when I heard about this magical liquid that was coined the “Elixir of health” by the Chinese some 3000 years ago.  Those guys were onto something and it’s been making the rounds across the globe since then.

If you want to get all technical, Curl Curl Kombucha is made from Fairtrade Organic black tea and raw organic sugar all brewed up and fermented with a robust and bouncy Scoby. This happy sponge eats up all the sugar in it’s fermentation process and we get to swill the delicious-ness that results.


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